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Monday, 30 May 2011

Is It Time To Show You Some LO's?

Things have been a little hectic round here the past few weeks.  I had been admitted in to hospital during April to have an abscess on my head drained and then ended up in hospital again the day of the Royal Wedding for further abscesses to be operated on.  For some reason over the past 2 months I have had a large number of blisters appear that have then turned in to abscesses. The count is now at 67 blisters/abcesses.  Our local hospital have no idea why this is happening and to be honest the novelty has now worn off.  11 days ago I was again admitted in to hospital for another one to be drained.  

This last operation has really knocked me off my feet and I can't believe how tired I have been since.  Just hope I am feeling better this week for half term else our plans will not come to fruition and I am so looking forward to some family fun days out and to finish the week off with Bromsgrove crop which sadly this month I had to miss.  However, I think the weather may put paid to some plans!

Now on to the purpose of this post.  In March I challenged myself to make 50 LO's by Easter.  I somehow did manage to complete the challenge in full and have yet to show you the majority of the LO's I made.  

Before I forget which ones were part of this stash busting challenge, here at last is a LO post, seems to have been a while:

'Lucky' made using the fab Studio Calico Countyside:

'Spring Sun' made using Echo Park:

'Fly' made using April 2010 Sarah's Cards kit.  Scraplifted Rachel from the kit design team work:

Hope you all enjoy your wet bank holiday lol x


JulieJ said...

So sorry you're still not right. I can give you a lift to Bromsgrove if it helps. Just e-mail me or send me a message on FB.
Love the LOs btw.

Louise said...

Sorry to read you've been have a rough time, I hope you are feeling better now. 50 L0s by Easter.... um Wow! I'd be lucky if I got 50 done by Christmas!!!
Hope to see you playing with paints soon :)

Sarah said...

50 by Easter! You blow my mind, Candace!!

Sorry to hear about your blisters - not nice having something like that. I had something similar a few years ago and it turned out to be a vitamin/mineral supplement I had been taking. Hope they find the cause soon xx

The Tame Lion said...

Sorry to hear that, sigh.....


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