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Saturday, 22 January 2011

Making Cards For Men

I don't make that many cards compared to the amount I made about 10 years ago but everytime I sit down to make a male card I struggle.  Little boys, no problem but teenagers and male adults just can't get going.  This week I have made 2 cards, both for the same person.  First one I managed to leave on the train along with their present and have made the replacement one today.  Light was awful Thursday night and I was in a rush yesterday morning so I didn't manage to get a picture of the first but here is the second card:

Could really kick myself for leaving the bag on the train but with handbag & crutches to struggle with I just left it.  Bag has not been handed in sadly.

However, I hope person who has got my bag likes my handiwork.  All I ask in return is you open the present and use the digital camera to take a picture of the card and email it to me.  It will be much appreciated.  

1 comment:

Deb Hickman said...

Great men's card,I really struggle to do men's card and try and avoid making them unless I really have to.
Sorry about your bag.

Deb x


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