During October I Will.....


Friday, 1 October 2010

This Month I Will.........

  1. Kiss and cuddle my little babies at least once every day.
  2. Find something to smile about each day.
  3. Have a minimum of 30 minutes every day of ME time, no children, no TV, no computer, no telephone, just ME.  As selfish as this may sound, it needs to be done for my own health, both physically & mentally.
  4. Make Fridays (my day off) part housework/errand - frees the weekend to spend time with Liam & Freya - and part 'me' time.  Too much of the housework/errand stuff last month!
  5. Go for a walk every day, even if it is only for 5 minutes, I will go outside and walk to clear my head and think about life.
  6. Complete the 50 LO Challenge - only 11 to go now!
  7. Complete 12 Granny Squares or stripes
  8. Finish LSNED - need to cover the back & inside covers (but awaiting matching fabric on front cover) & make the remaining 8 pages and order, then attach the handful of photos I am including in this project.
  9. Complete 2 pages in each of Liam's and Freya's 'Year In The Life Of' mini albums - they have fallen by the wayside since Easter (oops!)
  10. Start organising presents for Christmas - Its going to be a stress free one this year!

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