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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Cause For Concern.........

Well here we are again on a run of sleepless nights.  Really tired when I came home from work and was in bed by 8.30 and to be honest spark out pretty soon after.  Typically this was not to last and at 11.26 I was wide awake and staring in to the dark.  Lay there for around 30 minutes and came to the conclusion sleep was not happening and got up.  

Decided to have a look on-line and see what I can treat myself to for completing my Scrap 50 LO's challenge.  To say I am gob smacked is an understatement.  I have spent the last 2 1/2 hours looking, looking, adding to my basket, clearing my basket and so on.  

I placed two orders: 

  1. A Tim Holtz Rosette die
  2. 3 mists and a 6 x 6 mask

Grand total of £29.68 including postage!  

I go 70 days with no stash buying and this is all I can find that I like.  

What on earth has happened???  No paper, no embellishments, no punches, no tools.

Where has the stash shopper gone????

If you find her, please send her back........

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