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Saturday, 9 October 2010

Document 2010

I completed my first page for Shimelle's Document 2010 which is being run on UKS!!!  

This is the fourth page for June:

The way the weather was over the summer, this is the only month this year we actually had the pool out!  Here Liam and Freya are sat waiting and waiting for the pool to fill.  

As I am taking up this project 9 months after it started I am going to struggle to complete the first page a I don't really have much memorabilia saved to place in the envelope.  Instead I am going to use a calender page and list things that we did or happened in that particular month.  I have taken apart a picture calender which has pockets in to add your own photos.  At the moment the particular months photos are in the pocket and I have written on what I want to include each month.

I have been having a look on UKS at some completed pages and I like the idea of adding news items in as well.  Think this will be useful where I am struggling to fill the 12 6" x 4" pages.

Is anyone else doing this project?

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