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Friday, 8 October 2010

Its Friday! Look What's On My Workdesk!

Little late this week!  I really don't know where this week has gone.  Usually Monday to Thursday drags yet Friday to Sunday flies by and as soon as I know it its Monday morning and back to work again.  However, this week has been a little different its just flown by.  Just hoping the weekend goes a little slower.

If you want to join in at WOYWW please visit Julia's blog.

So here is my desk today:

I haven't done any crafting this week and although I have missed spending time scrapping I just don't know where I could have fitted any in.  Have to go out tomorrow midday for my flu jab but apart from that the weekend is free.  So plan to get some crafting in after this post on facebook:

Shimelle Laine working on part 2 of my big document:2010 catch up and will blog it in the morning. yay. :)

The conversation then went:

  • Candace Mantle Wish I had started this project
    Tuesday at 21:37 · 

  • Shimelle Laine 

    Candace, that's what this catch us session is all about though -- you can go back and do this for earlier times in the year. I'm doing five months in

    five days, basically, because you can go quicker if you assembly-line it.
    You can do nine months in under two weeks - that first photo step is the

    most time-consuming and it is easy after that. :) And I *very* much promise
    I am not dropping everything else to spend five entire days on it -- I'm
    working on it outside of 'work' hours to make sure it is do-able. :)

    And of course, the posts will be there forever, so you can wait till a week
    that is good for you and then catch up all in one big session. And there
    are plenty of us who will cheer you on if you let us know when you decide to
    go for it! :)


    Tuesday at 21:43 via Email reply · 

  • Candace Mantle Had thought about doing it now but unsure if I have enough photos for Jan & Feb - wasn't well & didn't take too many photos

    Perhaps I can pad out with journalling. Need to sit down & see what I actually do have

    Tuesday at 21:48 ·

  • Well have checked the photos and it is actually June that I have a shortage of photos for.  Every other month seem have have an adequate number for. This weekend I will be ordering an album and page protectors and off I will go.  Already placed an order for some photos but will need to order some others this weekend.  Obviously I don't have all the little bits to put in the envelope each month but I will just do a summary of the month on that page instead.

    So there is another project to keep me busy during the dark cold nights.

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