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Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Hello all.  I'm still on holiday and still struggling with a really bad internet connection so I am afraid this is a joint post again.  We are back home tomorrow so next week I will be going back to 2 separate posts.
My desk this week has looked like this week with my two little helpers who both wanted to scrap:
This is what they were working on:

Crochet wise I have sat on the beach and made another 9 squares, plus the 4 blogged yesterday as part of my Tuesday Tallies. 

This makes a total of 116 squares with 16 of the joined together.

Pop on over to Julia and Tami to have a look at lots of crafty desks and woolly projects.

When home I will take a look at other participants of both get togethers as really struggling with the internet connection.  The local library  here closes on a Wednesday (!!!!!????) and I had trouble logging on at the train station yesterday which meant we had to go back to the library for a second time to finish my posts.  Reason it was a second visit is it closes for an hour at lunchtime.  Until you are in a similar place you don't realise how much you take your local amenities for granted.

Thanks for visiting and I will be popping in to see some of you over the weekend. Enjoy your day all x


Deb Hickman said...

It looks like you had a lovely relaxing holiday, it's lovely to see the kids doing some crafting with you. I'm not at this month's crop unless anything changes in the next few days. Deb x

Lisa-Jane said...

Sounds like Wales! Whereabouts are you? I had virtually no coverage on my mobile for the whole week we were my in-laws the other week, it was HARD! I love your children's pages, very professional. I've heard nothing from Shimelle as yet and the forum is still showing 2011 but she is having to move house suddenly so things have gone a bit awry. There was a post on Facebook a couple of weeks ago saying it was same price as last year for anyone new and she was "changing it up a bit" for the alumni. See you in class and have a good trip home.

Julia Dunnit said...

It's Thursday and I've been working backwards..which means I've only just discovered that your link was mis-spelt, and finding you was difficult, so you've probably missed a few visits, sorry. All fixed now! Love the colours you're crocheting, and the LOs the children are doing...do you kit them and they construct? Lovely photo of your son inking the edges - arent they alike!

Terry said...

Lovely pages, kids and crochet squares! I like it all.


Terry #60


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