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Friday, 10 August 2012

Our Olympic Adventure

Yesterday was a good day, a really good day.  One of the best.  We had a once in a lifetime adventure when we went to the Olympics. 

When I brought the tickets all those months ago I didn't have the money to pay for travel and overnight stays in London and I knew that going down in one day would be too much health wise for me.  I then began loooking what was happening outside London.  We settled on the Footbal at Coventry just over an hour away.  Like everyone else I put tickets in the basket only to lose them.  Then finally I got some, the Bronze final for the Women's Football.  Last Thursday we were wishing Team GB to win against Canada then to lose so they could be in the Bronze medal match and we could watch the home team.  Sadly that was not to be and they lost to Canada last week.

Not excited at all!

 Yesterday we saw Canada play Francce.  I'd say 95% of the crowd were behind Canada.  I was quite shocked as to how many empty seats there were.  The Richeo Stadium seats around 24,500 and yet attendance was just over 12,000 with huge areas of the stadium completely empty.

The area behind us stayed empty.

It was a great match and at the final whistle there were 2 minutes of extra time as the score was still 0:0.  One minute in the Candians scored!

And then it was over.

The only down side was not seeing the medal ceremony.  The players went down to Wembly to be presented with their medals along with the Gold and Silver medallists.  Alot of the crowd felt the same.


Off home we went.

 One memorable day.

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