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Friday, 10 August 2012

10 Things (August 2012)

Its August and Its the Olympics, so what else can I do but my top 10 Things about London 2012.

1. Our Olympic Adventure.  This just has to come top!

2. Opening Ceremony, rings rising up.

3. The Queen and James Bond.  What's not to love?

4. Eventing Silver Medal.  Just wish I had been able to see this, especially the cross country.

5. Katherine Grainger.  At last, she gets her gold.
6. Such beauty.  Charlotte Dujardin wins gold.

7. The sheer look of shock on this young girls face.  15 year old Ruta Meilutyte wins gold in the pool.

8. The proudest Father ever.  Bert le Clos Father of swimmer Chad.

9. The normality of this photo.  They are just so grounded and celebrate the same as everyone else!

10.  All Countries have female competitors.

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Jennifer Grace said...

Great photos, I especially like the one of the rings rising up. This is the first Olympics I've ever been excited by, and I've really enjoyed it! x

LeAnne said...

I've been really watching the Olympics this year too.

JulieJ said...

I thought I wouldn't be interested but I've watched more this year than ever before.


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