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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

One A Day Tuesday Tallies (1 November 2011)

A little less productive week this week but pleased with my progress all the same.  My ripple along now looks like this:

Three and a half rows of ripples this week which makes the pram blanket now 5 stripes (10 rows) long.  Also have my eye on another little project which I may be tempted to start in the next few weeks but want to get some more of this blanket finished first.

Didn't get as much done over half term as I would have liked but this is due to an emergency operation and a 4 day stay in hospital.  Have got another 3 rows completed since Sunday (my end of week) so really happy with my progress and I have an hour train journey tomorrow afternoon to ripple away then an evening with no kids and just ripples and tv for company!

Please visit Gingerbread Girl and click on the links from her blog to see all the other wonderful one a day projects.

Enjoy your week and hope to be back next week with lots done.


Faith said...

Sounds like you've had your hands rather full to be thinking about crochet, so your progress is impressive!

Hope you are feeling and recovering well from your op.

Have fun with some guilt free rippling time, I know that feeling when you have an evening ahead to look forward to non-interrupted crochet time.....bliss.....listen to me, how exciting is my life?!

HillyT said...

Oh wow, treasure some "me time" it sounds like it is very well deserved. The colours of your ripple are great. Really bright and joyful.

JulieJ said...

Sorry to hear about another hospital stay. I hope things get better for you very very soon.


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