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Saturday, 5 November 2011

Day One Of The Crafty Spa Weekend (Friday)

I have now had a lovely evening last night in front of the tv with some peace and quiet for hooky & me time.  

I love my kids to bits but the last few years have been hell for us as a family.  Their Father has not been part of their lives for the past 18 months and as sad as it is to say, it is for the best and even at 8 & 9 they both can clearly see that.  My health has not been good, too many ops, too many complications with on going health issues, too much of everything that is not nice.  

I sit here waiting to see later this month hospital specialists for Freya to see if she has rheumatoid arthritis, that last thing I would wish her to have at 8 years old.  But family history may take over and if we have to deal with it we will. Liam has not had an easy ride health wise either.

Sadly the stress of all that has gone on has taken its toll on all three of us.  However, I have today woken up so refreshed words just cannot describe how I feel.  I needed me time, time without Mom, Mom, Mom 20 hours a day (Liam only sleeps 3 to 4 hours a night, every night), time without work, stress, household chores.

Time for me.

This is my hooky progress from last night; 2 new stripes and 4 new rows completed.

After a little coffee break I went off to the Spa.


Well the two spa treatments have also worked wonders, I managed to fall asleep for over an hour after the massage(!) and I registered for Sarah's Cards Retreat around 4pm and restricted myself to a few minutes look round the shop.  Ok, about 30 but who is counting.  Been very restrained and not made many purchases yet but the fact I have 1 crutch and 1 suitcase is going to have a huge bearing on what I can buy as I need to get it home on the train.

Dinner was fantastic and soon after the first class began which for me was Tactile Memories by Claire Wheatley made using My Mind's Eye Lost & Found 2, Blush collection and a range of unusual items and textures to create this tactile page:

I just need to add a zipper flower and some pins when I get home as I left my cotton and needle at home and the zipper flower was a little tricky and felt it was best to leave until I got home and not stress out over it.

Sorry the pictures are really small but they were taken on my mobile as I had left my camera in my room and there is ALOT of very wet PVA on this LO and needs to be left over night to dry.

I also completed a LO for the sketch challenge where I used some of my new purchases:

Plus a make and take LO:

I'll photograph the LO's properly tomorrow and put bigger pics up on this post. I'll also introduce you to three lovely ladies who I am sharing a crop table with.

Its now gone midnight and my happy relaxed head is hitting the pillow.

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