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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

One A Day Tuesday Tallies (7 February 2012)

Can't believe it has been two weeks since I last joined in.  Although life took over last week and I didn't have time to blog I have been busy crocheting.  My pram blanket just needs the edging now and as it is so close to being finished I am going to wait until its finally completed before I show you.  With a bit of luck that will be next week.

Now on to this past weeks crochet.  First up I need to confess.....I have started 2 new blankets this past week.  I know I said no more starts before I have lots of finishes but it just happened.  You all know how it is!  I have had my eye and heart on a Flowers In The Snow blanket with Amy Butler Organic Belle DK for a long time. Last Monday I ordered my wool, not all of it as its £5.50 a ball and I need to spread the cost.  I ordered 1 of each colour I wanted to use apart from 4 of the colours which I found at Hulu Crafts at £4.20 and ordered 2 of those.  I had already spoke with Sarah who is just in the process of finishing hers and she said she had used 2 balls of each colour and looked at Little Cotton Rabbits blog where I estimate I will need 8 of the moonflower as mine has 2 extra colours.  Do pop on over to the two blogs and take a look, these blankets are gorgeous!

All good.....until I go to knit club and see a new range of Rowan wool being unpacked on to the shelves.  Oh Oh big time!  It is Wool Cotton 4ply.  A mix of 50% merino and 50% cotton, super soft and warm.  One ball of 6 colours and 2 balls of white land in a bag at the till. 
 I start there and then using it:
I am in LOVE!  I go back to the shelves and an orange, yellow and leaf green also fall through the till.  Once at home and in better light I decide after all I don't like the 3 new colours with my original choice but they will make a great second pram blanket made of teeny tiny squares.  On Tuesday another ball of each colour fall in to another bag.  This yarn really is naughty!

Through the week they multiply:
18 in total but only 1 has been edged.  Then the Amy Butler arrives!  
After Bromsgrove crop on Saturday and ending up home early afternoon due to the snow, on goes the fire and out comes Amy.  Two Flowers In The Snow blankets is greedy so I start on the Springtime Throw in Cute and Easy Crochet By Nicki Trench another project I had my eye on for a while.  The fact Deb was working on hers at the crop on Saturday spurred me on.  I've made 7 squares Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning.  
I'm loving Amy even more than the Rowan!  These are my One A Day Projects now the Baby blankets are done.  I think I am going to keep Amy for home and Rowan for knit club and journey to work.  I hope to complete one a day for both projects each week and at some point I MUST start to sew the ends in as both projects have around 220/250 squares and nearly 500 ends all at once is not something I look forward to!

Pop on over to Carole to see some other wonderful projects and if you fancy joining in we would all love to see.


Mlissabeth said...

You have a lot on your plate, but each project sounds lovely. I can see why that naughty wool jumped in your bag. It was just waiting to be worked up! I guess i should count myself lucky that I have acquired a lot of my yarn from estate sales, very inexpensive, and get much of my yarn from my prayer shawl ministry group, where they take donations to buy the yarn.
Happy Tuesday!

Deb Hickman said...

That wool is gorgeous and I love the colours, they look so good together. Can't wait to see more.
I didn't do all of mine the weekend, some I'd done in the week, but I did get a lot done the weekend. I've timed myself I can do 6 in an hour, but probably more now as I do 36 of the first row,then all the main colour, then the edging so get 36 done of same colours.
Have a good week.xxxx

Stocki said...

I've never seen any Amy Butler yarn up close, but those colours are amazing! So now we are due 3 Ta-Dahs from you... ooooo I can't wait! :)x


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