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Friday, 6 January 2012

Project Life

In my 'This Year I Will' post I listed Project Life as a goal for this year.  If you have not heard of this project you can read all about it here but basically it is a weekly scrapped project detailing the every day activities.  The project comes with special pockets and paper packs that are pre cut to fit the pockets.

The scrapping goodies can be purchased on Amazon but sadly are not available for postage to the UK and as I don't know anyone to post to in the USA then post on to me I have adapted the supplies I can get in the UK and will try to dent my mega stash pile.

I just love the different page pockets available and so wish they were available to buy here and the paper packs just make this project so simple as there is no cutting involved.  Having said that I like choosing my supplies and having control to use what I like and just love to make my project me.

I have completed the opening page which has 3 spaces for photos.  I am not adding photos yet as I want to add photo's from 2012, this is a 2012 project and photos from this year should be used in my opinion.  

I am using American Crafts page protectors; a 10 x 12 and a 6 x 12 for each week.  Project life also does a double spread each week.  I know that I struggle to pick up my camera and take photos and feel a double page needing 8 to 10 photos every week will be too much.  The last thing I want to do is give up because I didn't take enough photos that week.

I think the key to this project will be organisation and intend to make pages in advance so I just need to add photos and journalling.  This is how I started the year with the Document 2011 and managed to keep on top until I got behind with preparing the months pages in advance.  This is one of my pre preprepared pages:

I certainly think making these pages in advance will be the key to this project and I hope to use up lots of old stash by completing this project.  I want this project to be about the everyday and still plan to complete a Document 2012 as well which will follow last years format.

I am also hoping my recent purchase in the New Year sales will help me; I treated myself to a photo printer.  It works out more expensive than using photobox which is what I usually use but I find that sometimes I just want a few pictures and want them now!  This is where the new printer will come in to its own and I hope that only needing 4/5 small photos a week I can keep on top of Project Life.

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