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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

One A Day Tuesday Tallies (20 December 2011)

Carole is not doing a Mr Linky on her blog now until the New Year but in order to try to keep on track I am going to post my crochet progress over the next few weeks.  

The big day is now only 4 sleeps away!!!!  I think I'm ready, everything has been brought for a couple of weeks now but the one thing I do need to do is play elf and wrap everything.  I HATE wrapping gifts.  I am also totally useless at doing it. 

Over the past week I have eaten 4 Christmas meals.  Luckily only 1 of them was a turkey roast but I can honestly say I ate way too much this week, to the extent that I feel I could go without food for a few days.  Why does the festive season bring so many social gatherings?  I seem to go weeks without a get together then wham, December hits and its manic.

With all this eating out, partying, finishing up things at work, shuttling children here there and everywhere for Christmas activities on top of all the usual running around, it has left very little time for crocheting.  What I been working on is my light grey ripple scarf.  I'm unsure if this will be a scarf or whether I will sew it together as a cowl.  Either way there is some work still to be done on it.  I am now up to 23 rows, 9 of which have been completed this week and looks like this:  

Just love this colour.  This was originally going to be a Christmas present but when it became apparent I was never going to complete it in time I decided it would be a Birthday present for the same person whose birthday it is next month.  But to be honest, it is growing on me.  It very well may not make it to its original recipient!


Anonymous said...

I love that colour too looks so luxurious. I have had that feeling sometimes it's hard to be part with the beautiufl things we make. hehe. I too have not wrapped any presents normally Christmas Eve Mr C and I put the kids to bed and we spend the night being little elves and wrapping all the pressies while drinking the elfish cider which would explain our wrapping state. lol

Julia Dunnit said...

Busy busy! With you on the wrapping!
I like the colour of the scarf too, can see why it's probably going to be yours!.


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