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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Journal Your Christmas 2011

Busy, busy, busy I have been and there seems to be little respite in the next few weeks.  I seem to be so busy on the run up to Christmas I feel I am having to schedule in sleep!  Why does this happen every year?  I seem so on top of everything then something just happens to throw the plans all up in the air.  This year it is me going in to hospital for tests this Wednesday under a general anaesthetic and then Freya has to go in, hopefully for just the day, on the 21st for some treatment again under a general anaesthetic.

For only the second time in my life I will not be spending Christmas at my Parents or my house.  Two years ago I went to my Brother's and his then fiancées.  This year we are spending Christmas with my Sister in Law's Mother and Sister at their house in Wales.  Last year they all came to us and Lidija has returned the offer this year.  It's going to feel strange not cooking Christmas lunch which is what I have done every year since I was 14.  Yes, I even ended up cooking 2 years ago at my Brothers.  The break will be nice but it still feels strange!

I have been working on my JYC album.  I intend to finish this years before July which is what happened with last years album.  This year I am more organised and as I have previously done this class I know what to expect with the prompts.  To be honest I am not really following the prompts to the letter this year.  If we have done something 'Christmassy' that day I am including that if not I am fitting the prompts in to fill the gaps.  

I am going to get my photo's all printed at the end which will be mounted on inked kraft and stuck on the kraft base plus a little embellishment.  I am doing a double 6 x 6 for each day except Christmas which will be more.  I am using kraft and this year's Jellibean's Christmas range.

I made up the majority of my album plus all of the numbers at Bromsgrove crop yesterday and it certainly helps the pages pull together quickly.  I did have a little scrap time last night just to finish off the few remaining pages with patterned paper.  This leaves just some kraft tags and the photo pages to make when I get the photos back.  I have completed the pages when I know we will be doing something specific on that day but I need to wait for a new journalling pen as all mine have disappeared to add the journalling to the completed pages.  Freya?????!!

Here are my first few journal pages:

Feels good to be showing you some scrapping as I seem to have just blogged about crochet lately.

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JulieJ said...

That's really pretty. Enjoy not having to cook Christmas dinner - you deserve a break and hope everything goes well for you and Freya in hospital.


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