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Friday, 8 April 2011

A Week Of Ups & Downs

Its been a funny old week here.  A great weekend with lots of ups and then some very sad events; a lovely funny caring member of our family was tragically taken away from us way too soon.  What occurred last Sunday afternoon was a real shock to our family and one that will stay with us for a long while.  

Last Sunday started with some great 'ups'.  For Mothers Day I was treated to a day out at Attingham Park, nr Shrewsbury.  

View from Attingham Park across the lawn from the south.
Photo courtesy of National Trust; sadly it wasn't this sunny when we visited!

The Estate is owned by The National Trust.  I can honestly say it was probably the best investment for family days out I could ever have made when we became members.  There are some truly stunning properties which give rise to great photo opportunities as well as lots of adventures.  

I was a little apprehensive when we joined last year about whether the children at 7 & 8 would enjoy going to the houses.  All of the properties we have visited have had activities for children to do; dress up, games, spotting things in the houses.  Liam and Freya really treasure their times at the properties and eagerly ask where we are going next.  They enjoy looking round the houses and are asking questions about the history of the properties and are finding out how different life was before the internet, tv and game consoles.  They seem to appreciate their lifestyle much more now they realise how different children's lives used to be.  Both of them agree it was very unfair that children had to work.

There are beautiful grounds with walks through the deer park and stunning estate.  The weather was a little drizzly when we arrived and due to me still being on crutches, most of the time now just one, we didn't manage much walking.

The property is fabulous and we all enjoyed looking around the inside of the house.  They had a lovely room where the kids could dress up and have afternoon tea.  Liam says he is getting a 'too big for dress up' but Freya just loves it!

I've ordered the prints and hope they are here tomorrow for me to scrap over the weekend.  After a little dress up we went to the tea room for a cream tea.  It was truly delicious and very reasonably priced.

Whilst we were eating the weather picked up but sadly we were unable to take many pictures as we had to go down to South Wales.  

Attingham Park have some lovely activities planned for over the Easter break including trailer rides around the deer park and we are hoping to go back for another visit.

Promise to be back over the weekend to show you what I did at Bromsgrove Crop on Saturday plus with a bit of luck the LO's I do tomorrow.  I'm off work now until 26 April; 19 whole days but sadly only 1 child free day which is tomorrow.  This is one of the two downsides to working term time; kids under your feet.  The other downside you ask.....they don't pay you :0(

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Deb Hickman said...

So sorry to hear about your loss. It looks like you had a great Mothers Day, you've got some fab photo's to scrap.xxx


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