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Monday, 18 April 2011

Call This A Break From Work? Waste of 2 Weeks If You Ask Me

I said in my last post that I had ended up in hospital Tuesday night followed by having an emergency operation Wednesday lunch time.  Well here we are 4 days later and it is the middle of the night.  To be honest for 2 weeks prior to the op I felt like I had flu with a mild headache that went with over the counter painkillers.  Well let me tell you, 4 days later I feel like poo (that is the polite version folks lol).  I can't believe I had 'poison' inside me and now it has supposedly gone, I feel far worse.  To real add insult to injury I have to go the the nurses at my GP practice every day Monday to Friday and sit at home and wait for the District nurses at weekend and bank holidays.

Easter Bank Holiday weekend we are have visitors coming and I have to wait for the District Nurse who could arrive any time between 8am and 6pm.  Both Nurses have been super lovely and called me around 30 minutes before they arrived in order for me to take some painkillers as it hurts to pack the wound.

Saturday was just after 10am and yesterday was 1.30pm.  All plans that had been made for the Easter weekend are not happening now as we had visitors coming for the weekend and if we don't leave the house by around 10am with Bank Holiday traffic and more busier places when we get there, there really is little point in going.  So how do I now entertain an extra 3 adults and 2 children when I am practically housebound?  I don't want to cancel as with our busy schedules this is probably the only time we can all meet until the end of August.

Royal Wedding weekend we were going to have a few days in Wales, sadly this has now been cancelled.  The days out with friends next week are also unlikely to happen.  

I also missed the Solihull Crop yesterday and achieved nothing while I sat and waited for the nurse apart from tidy the kitchen.  Then the District Nurse was not happy with the wound so I spent a couple of hours at the hospital.  Antibiotics have been changed and I sit and wait today for my Nurses appointment.  All I can say is that I have wasted the majority of my 2 1/2 weeks leave!

Having said that I did manage to get some scrapping done on Saturday.  Some how I managed to complete 8 LO's.  All were made using Studio Calico kits; October & November 2010 and February 2011.  Really got to use these kits up.  They come with so much stash and I still have 2 unopened boxes and the other 5 I have just seem to have just been slightly dented!  Then there are the 7 unopened Sarah's Cards and Scrapagogo kits plus 13 half used!!!  And don't start me on the non kit papers, at aroound 28" high there are many many papers.  Where did this stash mountain come from???

I have the basic Studio Calico kit each month and usually buy the add on papers only and pick up a few of the embellishments from the UK.  I also stock up on cardstock, page protectors and mists and ink as they are cheaper then you can buy in the UK and p&p is one set price for the whole kit & extras.  I'm saving money, right?  Well that how I justify it!

However, in February there were no add on papers left so I managed to get all of them in the UK along with purchasing all of the boy and girl fine & Dandy range by Minds Mind Eye.  

This weekend, I have used a mix of my 'move around the page for hours' designs and sketches from Kirsty Wiseman's on-line Wednesday Crops and Pencil Lines.

Did I say I've been having trouble sleeping???  Well excuse the early hour and I'll be back later with some more scrapping as I need to do something to pass the time and what better thing to do?

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Anonymous said...

lovely los candace i'm very envious you are getting so much done.....however, it sounds like you're having a tough time, stay positive... xx


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