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Saturday, 11 December 2010

Another week has passed.......

Well I have had what can only be described as a super busy yet achieving nothing week.  As I said in my last post we should have had some plumbing work done last week but everything went wrong and it didn't happen.  Plumber promised me without fail he would be here this Friday to do the work.  As it was just over a week after he should have been here, just put the floor boards and carpets back down and left the furniture where it was.  Too much hassle to move it all back for 10 days.

Friday came and 9.30 went.  At 10 the plumbers office called to say he would be with me at 1pm.  Before I had chance to ask why the phone went down.  

1pm came.  No plumber.  

2pm came.  Still no plumber.  

So I called the office and was told they did not know what was happening.  I asked them to find out.  I felt like I had just asked for the world!

At 2.30pm the plumber called.  He wouldn't be here until 5pm.  Discussed reduced price, he said he had not inconvienced me!!!!!!!  Much laughter from my end.  He would not reduced the price.  Ok I said.

I called the office and told them I wanted a reduced price or I would pay the full price then send my bill for 2 wasted days.  Don't really think they believed I would do that.

5pm came.  No plumber

At 5.15pm I called the office,  He would be with me in 45 minutes.

6pm came.  No plumber

At 6.30pm I called the office again.  They would get the plumber to call me.

At 6.40pm the plumber called.  He would be at least another hour and a half.

Now he thinks I am going to let him come to my house gone 8pm at night and drain my central heating and then do 6 hours work.  He will need access to every room in the house.  I have not gone mad.

Told him he can come at 8am Saturday.  He has another job.  Well cancel it dear plumber, you have annoyed me and put me out enough.  You let me down to earn a quick buck when you took on the emergency job Friday morning.  It is Saturday morning at 8am.  There are no other options before Christmas.

I reminded him about me sending a bill for wasting my time.  I don't think he was listening.

8am Saturday morning.  He has not come.

Dear Mr Plumber, I do not make idle threats.  My bill will be dropping on your doormat.  If you don't pay it I will go to my local County Court and pay £9.50.  But trust me I will be compensated for 2 wasted days, my deposit with interest, the difference between your quote and what I actually pay and compensation for having to wait to get my central heating sorted.  

I will let you decide how to compensate my Children for missing their outing last night. But how you will put a price on two young children missing their visit to Santa I really don't know.

Happy Christmas Mr Plumber x

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