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Monday, 1 November 2010

Fun Packed Half Term Part 2

Morning all, back to work later today after 10 days off and you can tell, very sleepy but just can't sleep so here I am at silly o'clock updating my blog and ordering photos!

As promised this is what we did last Tuesday:

We owned a horse for the day.  It something I have been wanting the kids to do for so so long.  I always rode as a child and to be honest would still do now if it wasn't for the problems with my back.  Tuesday morning came and off we went.  Liam was a little apprehensive to begin with and said he would only go if I stayed.  Reluctantly agreed to stay the day with them in order to make sure Liam was alright, the decision you see had nothing to do with wanting to document every minute on my camera so I could scrap it.

First they learnt about feeding the horses and then help muck out a stable.  From the start this was a big no no for Liam but come the actual time to do it he stuck in with great enthusiasm.  Sadly the pictures are not of great quality due to speedy moments and lack of light in the stable.  Next was leading the horses out, tacking up and a ride on Billy:

Then came lunch followed by another ride, this time on Blue:

Not quite sure how but after we had walked over the very wet & very very cold field Freya managed to wangle a ride back on Ryan:

If they are not looking that happy in some of these photos it really is not because they didn't enjoy themselves .  To say it was cold believe me is an understatement.  There was drizzle and a bitter cold wind all day.  In fact they enjoyed it that much we went back yesterday for a riding lesson, this time the weather was more on our side:

Check out the new riding jodhpurs (the expense is starting already!):

Really must try & see if I can get some sleep now.  Will try to blog the final part of our fun packed half term tomorrow night.  If not I may just do a combined WOYWW post where I will open up some of those stash boxes for you to see.

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