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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Scrappy Sunday (3 February 2012) On A Tuesday

Over the weekend I was super busy and unable to find time to write this post however during the week I was super busy and scrapped and scrapped.  My review week runs to a Friday and I declared this week a Project Life week.  We are already on week four of the year and I still have gaps in last years project.  Not big gaps, just scrapping gaps.  Apart from 6 weeks all the other weeks have the photos printed and filed in the album.  I just need to pretify them.  So this is what I did:


 All 10 pages.  Some are part weeks as I need to sort through my huge pile of printed photos and there is the odd week that needs printing extra photos.  A big preparation day needs to be scheduled to get on top of this.
This years album has all the photos ready.  Just need to put a photo print order together.  Again, time needs to be found.  Time when I don't have kids interupting me every 5 minutes.  I can wish!  I am going to continue this years album by using current stash up.  Lets face it there is plenty to
Then there are these LO's which I posted in the week as they are competion entries:

A total of 11 LO's this week.  A little bit more on track now.  Perhaps I can achieve 365 LO's this year after all.

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Maggie said...

Wow! You have been busy, I couldn't dream if doing that many LO's in one month let alone one week. The Project Life pages are fab and a great way to celebrate life's simple pleasures. Thanks for hopping over to Normandy today.


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