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Monday, 28 February 2011

My Month In Numbers - February 2011

1.....spa day

2.....baby bunnies who keep growing & growing.  Sadly the third and smallest bunny passed away at 17 days old.  They are now 30 days old.

3.....hospital appointments

4.....blog posts

6......coffee & lunch dates with wonderful friends

7.....lb's lost

8.....LO's made

9.....days at work.  Joys of working term time; you get school holidays off work.  Sadly they don't pay you :0(

10.....stripes & squares crocheted

28.....days on crutches

63.....yummy cakes baked

90.....the amount of £'s it will cost for Daddy Snowball to have his bits done; very clear 'boy bunny & girl bunny do not come out for a run at the same time' falls on deaf ears & don't want any more.  Have a feeling we would not be so lucky to have such a small litter next time and we have enough animals in our house with 5 rabbits (yes, I've given in and we are keeping the 2 new arrivals) and 3 cats. Plus I can't stand the hassle of having to re-home them or worryingly not being able to.  However, still plan to have some chickens next year (going away for nearly 4 weeks this Summer has preventing this happening last year or this).

279.....the amount of £'s I spent on a new netbook after the old one had a drink of diet coke!  

DELL Inspiron Mini 1018 Netbook - PinkOPTIC Slimline External DVD Rewriter - Pink

And that is my February in numbers!


Julia Dunnit said...

63 cakes - now that's a great number Candace! The 28 days on crutches concerns me - will that come to an end? Will the bunnies stop growing? Will you stop putting my LO numbers to shame? !!

Julie Kirk said...

Love that striped crochet. i work term time too ... so I know what you mean!

I'll add you to the links in my post - thanks for playing along.

Julie :-)


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